Steve Jobs Successiv Story

Steve Jobs Successiv Story

Steve Jobs is the fonduer of Apple’s well-known pc production brand. Steve Jobs was born in 1955 to a Syrian Arab father and an American mother, but his parents were young and could not take responsibility for a child and offered their son for adoption.

Adopted by a modest family, Paul Jobs and Clara, from a young age who sought with his father in the garage of the house on summer vacation in electronics, his father was keen to teach him how to unscrew and install the devices.

Steve was a brilliant kid, and at the age of 12, he called HP founder Bill Hewlett to ask him for some electronic pieces for his school project, which impressed Bill Hewlett, who decided to offer him summer training.

When he was young, Steve didn’t like school, but he continued to do it until he went to college and left after his first semester, but he continued to attend the subjects he saw as important from his point of view, including calligraphy, which really benefited him a lot.

“If I hadn’t enrolled in the line course at the university, the Mac wouldn’t have different styles and shapes of fonts,” Steve said.

Steve Jobs got a job at the well-known atari company, which specializes in the electronic video game industry.

Steve Jobs met his friend Steve Wozniak, who became his flight companion and success partner, the duo created a digital device that can make long-distance phone calls free of charge and called this project “blue box”, the success of this device was a great incentive for them to continue in this field and impress the world with what they will make together.

The couple started their company in the Steve Jobs family garage and assembled and sold computers, and in 1976 they founded their own company, Apple, which revolutionized the technology and machine-computer industry and pioneered its field.

Many investors, most notably Intel, then invested their money in Apple, creating a significant breakthrough in the company’s history.

But despite all this success, things didn’t go well, there were some internal differences in management methods and he was fired from the company in 1985.

All that happened didn’t make Steve despair or give up, and then Steve Jobs founded his new company NeXT to start a new beginning again and then invested in a startup called Graphics Group, now known as Pixar, a company specializing in the manufacture of 3D cartoons.

The company gained great success after the screening of its film “Toy Story” and Steve Jobs became a major shareholder in Pixar. In 1995, Steve returned to Apple’s board of directors, and NeXT joined Apple in the same year.

In 2000, there was a very important shift in the company’s history as it moved into the mobile phone industry, which is a small personal computer, and rolled the products issued by the company and dazzled the world more and more, thus becoming shares of “Apple” is rising.

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After years of success, prosperity and the release of products that have impressed the world, Steve Jobs’ health deteriorated and he resigned from his job at the company until he died on October 5, 2011.

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