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20 services you can sell to your fridens on Facebook

We previously talked about profit from selling small services on Facebook.
We also discussed how to market services on Facebook.

To complete the topic in all its aspects, we have created another independent theme today, addressing the most important service models that you can sell through Facebook.

Small services you can sell and profit from on Facebook
Before I start creating this list of services, I can excuse you for sometimes getting into some ideas.
You may find me insensitive to our Arab and Egyptian culture in particular, and without regard for our ideas of work and business in general.

This is not a lack of respect for our Arab culture, or that I present here a fantasy thought devoid of realism.
But consider me to present these ideas as a call for change, a call for revolution or a call for innovation.
This, in my view, is in line with the state of the revolution that we are currently living as Arabs.

Here I do not mean the revolution in the fields, but the intellectual, creative, cognitive and innovative revolution.
For those who are afraid of new ideas, don’t worry, you will also find in my article this food is good for you.

  1. Photography and video service
    To do this idea you must have

A good camera with the right capabilities.
An acceptable skill in the art of photography in order to provide a good service to everyone who requests it.
Do not make this idea dependent on the depiction of important weddings and occasions.
In these cases, many people don’t want to risk choosing an unpopular photographer.

But start with anything possible like:

Photographing small events such as home birthdays
Children’s Photography
Photographing shops for marketing purposes
Photographing any idea required for the purpose of the male
2- Photo design and editing service
In this service you are supposed to get photos already.

Your role here is to make some adjustments to them through a program, or to design images from the beginning, whether for practical purposes, for personal purposes or for any other purpose.

3- Video montage service
To do this service you are supposed to have:

Good experience of making videos edits
You should also have a good program to edit and edit these videos.
If you don’t find enough demand, you can create a good order for your offer.
Here are some ideas:

You can view a video design that is a group edited image that expresses a particular occasion.
Video design to express the stages of a child’s development.
Video design to express a relationship.
4- Service of a beauty center or mobile fountains
If you have these features, this service is for you!

Good at making formats for your hair or your best friends.
You care about everything that has to do with the world of fashion and beauty.
You have a fine taste in making make-up and the consistency of its colors.
You have enough self-confidence to go through this experience.
If you enjoy this, why not offer this service to anyone who is looking for it for money.
Smart people are the ones who can turn their personal skills and interests into a material income.

With this income, you can gain more independence, while at the same time developing these skills.

Quaver Service
5- Writing service
All you need to offer this service to third-placed people is:

You own a computer.
You have a good level of speed in writing.
You’re good at dealing with some writing programs.
There are thousands of people looking for providers of this service, to convert their handwritten papers into structured and written papers on the computer.

It’s okay to encourage your potential clients to convert their personal notes into structured written papers.

This is just an example but there are many and many who need this service, but they don’t know it or want to know its features.
With professional motivation from you as someone who provides this service and explains its importance to its potential customers.
You’re going to get clients who want it badly.

6- Service for organizing parties, weddings and events
How many of your friends had an occasion, and he needed an experienced person to help him organize and coordinate this party and prepare a program for it.

Be the provider of this service and help others organize their parties and run their birthday program for their children or friends.

Be the one who will make a special taste for the party or occasion.
Everything that happens gives her a kind of joy and happiness, all in an orderly and accurate manner.

7- Provide translation service to others
Do you have a good level of proficiency in a foreign language, especially English?
Now use this skill to earn a good income by offering it to others who need it.

If your potential customers don’t find enough reasons to ask you for this service, it’s okay to give them these reasons.

8- Provided structured service for furniture and moving decorations
If you have a good taste in how to organize furniture and the colors of curtains, everything has to do with moving decorations.
Now provide this service to everyone who needs it.

There are a lot of girls who are ready to get married and want to help them organize their new apartments.
There are offices for new projects, shops, caf├ęs or restaurants that need you.

9- Provide your car rental service to third countries
You may find it a little strange, but why not?
You own a car and you want to get extra income.

On the other hand, more people want to rent a car for some time in exchange for a certain amount.
Why don’t you rent it to them.Don’t forget to take adequate safeguards for the possibility of any damage, and also make them bear the cost of fuel.

Car rental service

  1. Dog or cat training services
    Are you a dog and cat lover?
    You have good experience in their ability to comply with orders such as:

Entering the bathroom when needed
Playing ball with children
Perform ing the right greetings to friends
Or catch flying dishes.
Provide this service to others and earn a financial profit through it.
There are many who want your services and will not waste money on you, so don’t let them offer you your service as soon as possible.

11- Child or pet nursery service
Do you like little kids and they always feel familiar with you?
Are you the kind of slave who loves pets and always takes care of them?

It’s time to turn your potential into a source of profit.
Yes, you will find it difficult at first to gain the trust of your parents.
But you can start with your big sister’s kids or your close neighbors and then go to strangers.

12- Managing social media pages
Nowadays every business owner is well aware of the importance of online marketing.
This marketing includes marketing through social media sites.
Business owners often need those who manage their social media pages.

If you see this business as right for you, advertise this service now and start looking for your potential customers who really need your service.

  1. Provide simple marketing services to third countries
    Do you have a good page with a good number of members on a social media page?
    Is this page used for entertainment only?
    Why don’t you start selling marketing services to others now through this page.

14- Maintenance and repair of mobile and computer equipment
This may not be appropriate for everyone, but here are two very important facts:

First there are a lot of courses online, through which you can learn to maintain mobile and computer devices.
The second is that most breakdowns are simple and can be repaired by changing some pieces, downloading a new operating system such as Windows, or even cleaning from dust or water.
Computer repair service
15- T-shirt printing service
As many young people of modern generations think, “Your personality appears through your t-shirt.”
But not everyone can design t-shirts for themselves. Here comes your turn to turn other people’s thoughts into reality.

Make and present general designs as a service to those who need them, and create special designs for anyone who wants a unique design.
Of course, this will include printing this design on the customer’s t-shirt.

16- Provide a variety of tasks service to others
Each of us wishes many times if he gets someone to do something specific on his behalf and not find.
Why isn’t you the person who does certain tasks for others in exchange for money depending on the type of task required?

17- Providing shopping services to others
Those of us who have not contacted the delivery service from a restaurant or shop.
One of us never wished there was a delivery service for everything he needed.

Here you will be the home delivery service provider for others, whatever they ask for either from one place or from a variety of places.

18- Cooker Service
Are you good at preparing food?
There are people who need you in their homes to prepare food on their behalf, whether on special occasions or in normal times to prepare a simple family meal.
Provide these services and make money through them.

Cook service

  1. Elderly assistance service
    If you or you love service work, you are always happy to help others, especially the elderly.
    It’s okay to make money by working as a provider to help the elderly, whether in specific tasks or in a limited time.

20- Personal Tutor Service
Learning is a process that makes man can live, without learning and according to the requirements of modern times will not stay.
There are a lot of people who want to learn some things or small skills.

If you are one of those who can pass on information and teach others and you have something worth paying others to learn.
Now sell it as a service and be a winning personal teacher.

At the end of my subject, I want to tell you something I’m sure of.

Choose a suitable idea and believe in success through it and you will succeed and win thousands through it.
I am confident of that and i hope that my trust is finding its way to you.

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